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You can only truly innovate, and only truly design, when you know what you are doing. Although the practice itself is young there is over 100 years of qualified experience among the partners and this technical ability is brought to bear from inception to completion. It is used as the bedrock on which to base innovative design, and inform the constant questioning of ‘standard’ solutions that enable reinterpretation and invention. The gems of brilliance that lie in youthful idiocy are carefully sieved through practical knowledge so that we benefit from both equally. As opposed to ‘Ivory Towers’ everyone sits next to each other, ensuring the free exchange of ideas across generations, job roles and projects. Through the use of multi media, debates, workshops, pub tables and one-on-ones we all work towards one thing, and one thing only, the best solution on that site for that client.

Some images in this section have been taken from the partners past projects whilst directors of Michael Aukett Architects.

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